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Transgender News Channel is a not-for-profit news and information website operated exclusively by volunteers. We are dedicated to providing realistic news reports, information and commentary related to the transgender community. We report both the good and the bad. Our focus is the timely dissemination of relevant information.  Furthermore, through sharing newsworthy events and knowledge we empower the transgender community.

Our volunteer reporters curate worldwide transgender news articles and provide firsthand news reports as well as editorial commentary. As a result, we have become the premier transgender news channel available anywhere online.

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TransgenderNewsChannel is sponsored by, one of the earliest transgender support websites. provides transgender support articles and a transgender support group directory.  TGGuide also features 24/7 live chat and trans message forum. IF you’re transgender, or if you just want more information, will be helpful. It is a great online community dedicated to serving the transgender community.

Want To Be A Volunteer News Reporter?

Do you want to be involved as a volunteer transgender news reporter? You don’t have to be transgender. Just be you, and have a sincere desire to help the transgender community by sharing news and commentary. More information is available at